Who Are We?

ENC is a boutique consulting company specialized on developing projects and businesses with its international partners. We develop sales channels to our clients and partners to enter or increase their presence in Turkey. Each of our Managing Partners brings a minimum of 15 years of top management experience in the ICT industry.

ENC's partners have an extensive experience in IT and system integration projects and delivered more than 100 M USD worth of projects in the last 5 years. Our success comes from building a trust relationship with our partners and understanding each other's needs and requirements. Our deep knowledge of IT requirements of our client's needs allows us to provide the most effective solutions.

Our proven process and our proprietary database of company profiles (buyer, seller. Alliances, partnerships) give us the advantage to shorten sales cycle.

We assist international clients facing new challenges and dealing with rapid change and growth. Our mission is to be a trusted partner and a reference point for companies dealing with ICT-related challenges. Each of our Managing Partners brings a minimum of 15 years of top management experience in the ICT industry. This enables us to understand our clients' business and their needs, leading to more competent, professional and accurate service delivery.

From the beginning, we knew we needed a lot more than just good intentions, good ethics and hard work to become the best in our field. We knew we needed the most experienced people and a strong team process to create a business model of significant value to our clients. Our proven process and our proprietary data base of company profiles (buyer, seller. Alliances, partnerships) give us the advantage to shorten time to market. They are critical to our high level, IT world business relationships, impeccable research, unquestioned credibility in valuations, deep experience in strategic positioning and superior negotiation skills we offer our clients.


Electric Infrastructures & Energy

Our primary aim to provide technological, high-class and reliable solutions in building electrical and mechanical systems, to give the best service and to carry our company to the future by continuous improvement through vocational training by working together.

The company provides engineering services and economical solutions in our developing world with the team of experts in their field. It is a dynamic MEP. Subcontractor company which aimed the perfect installations through its experience.

Our company considers the artchitectural details in the project and comes toconclusions which are applicable while creating solutions through the years of experience. The most important points in obtaining those results are no doubt, closely keeping up with the technology and technical education.

Electrical & Mechanical Contracting Services

Electrical Installation

Developing Marketing Strategy

In today's competitive environment, businesses need to develop an agile strategy to achieve sustainable growth and thrive in rapidly changing markets. This requires a growth strategy that is coherent, in line with market trends, continually monitored and implementable within the available resources. It is too easy to get absorbed by day-to-day operational demands. However it is essential to take a step back and plan for the future. Without this, many successful businesses slowly begin to lose direction; failing to identify changes in the market, responding ineffectively to evolving client needs or ignoring new competitors. The result is plateauing fee revenue or even retrenchment. ENC in partnership with the client's senior management to formulate a marketing and business development strategy, that is achievable and aligned with business growth aspirations.

Investment Consultancy and Support

ENC provides consultancy services for companies to invest in Turkey. We help our client in implementing their market entry strategy. Historically this has been done via Greenfield operations or acquisitions. We are flexible, result oriented and innovative in the way in which we conduct business. As a firm we are determined to deliver our clients the best-in class advisory service. Turkey has a large domestic market, extensive proximity markets and in the long run there will be a full integration with the wider European Single Market - therefore our services are proven as crucial for our customer base.

Hospital Management and Operational Services


Border Security

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